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Here are the dedicated and interesting individuals who will be a part of your Yoga and Pilates experience. Our instructors and advisers come from all areas of life and are here, like you, to grow through Yoga and Pilates.

Linda Newman

Pilates & Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher


Pilates & Yoga Teacher


 Yoga Teacher


Pilates & Yoga Teacher

Pilates & Yoga Styles Testimonials

Mat Pilates at Pilates and Yoga Styles

I started Mat Pilates at Pilates & Yoga Styles wanting to achieve more flexibility and strength in my core muscles. After 6 weeks of attending weekly classes I have noticed such an increase in my strength, my flexibility, my confidence and most of all my energy. Linda and all the other teachers are amazing. They always make you feel so welcome and there knowledge of the body and so many different exercises help to make each class fun, different and entertaining. They have really helped me to achieve my goals, which I’m so thankful for. I really look forward to continuing the classes at Pilates & Yoga Styles and if I can do them and achieve what I have, anyone can!

Testimonial by Eloise German

Mat Pilates with Linda

Pilates classes with Linda involve a good work-out with a strong emphasis on correct breathing and the development of flexibility and strength. Her classes are always fun amid much laughter and groans from her physically challenged students. Technique and positions are constantly corrected under Linda’s eagle eye thus ensuring we are are safe, improve, and do not develop bad habits. We remain dedicated in our training in order to produce the perfect level 2 DVD.

Testimonial by Margaret Carter

Hatha Yoga with Linda Newman

Hatha Yoga is a good class to begin with, exploring and exercising the basics of Yoga practice. Linda Newman is an excellent Hatha Yoga instructor with extensive experience in Physical training.

Testimonial by Aurosh Astar, 2U2 Web Technologies

Power Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is a constant flow; poetry in motion; dancelike in its grace and elegance. Although seemingly easy, it requires a surprising amount of concentraion to maintain ujaii breath, the bandas and then the asanas. When practising vinyasa yoga, I feel lighter then air, and as though I am bathed in golden sunlight and that I am completely and utterly content with what I have in my corner of the world.

Testimonial by Elaine Booker

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Pilates and Yoga styles is dedicated to help you improve your quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation. We are offering a community for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, we thrive on building solid relationships to understand your needs.

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